Best Google Pixel 7a cases in 2023

Best Google Pixel 7a cases
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You'll want one of the best Google Pixel 7a cases, especially as you're trying to save money. You already spent about $500 on the phone, so avoid paying out even more in repair or replacement part fees by spending just a little extra now on a well-fitting, stylish and practical case.

As our Google Pixel 7a review discussed, Google included a surprisingly diverse array of premium features in this phone, whether its the display’s 90Hz refresh rate, upgraded cameras and bright screen. A case makes sure all those features remain intact regardless of what real life throws at it.

So which case should you turn to? From super-slim designs to extra-rugged construction that’ll guard your tech against the elements, here are the best Google Pixel 7a cases to fit every lifestyle and budget. 

The best Google Pixel 7a cases right now

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What to look for in the best Google Pixel 7a cases

When selecting the best Pixel 7a case to fit your lifestyle and budget, make sure the case you buy is actually made for the Pixel 7a. With a 6.1-inch screen, the Pixel 7a is smaller than the 6.3-inch Pixel 7, so cases built for the latter won’t fit the new phone. (Instead, if you’re looking for a Pixel 7 accessory, check out our best Pixel 7 cases guide.)

You might think the best Pixel 6a cases will fit your Pixel 7a since the dimensions of this year’s phone haven’t really changed that much from the Pixel 6a. However, those Pixel 6a cases won’t be a perfect fit — when we slipped the Google Pixel 7a case onto a Pixel 6a, the cutout for the camera bar did not fit correctly, exposing some of the back of the phone. We can’t say for certain whether this would happen with every case, but it’s clear that there are enough minor differences in design that it’s better to stick specifically with cases designed for the Pixel 7a.

After confirming that the case in front of your face will properly fit your new phone, here are a few other factors to focus on for finding the best Google Pixel 7a case.

Build materials and drop protection: Whether the case is made out of silicone, polycarbonate or rubber, look for a good drop rating to keep your Pixel 7a protected. Some smartphone cases are only meant to withstand drops of a few feet high, while more hardcore competitors have a MIL-STD-810G-tested rating of 10 feet or more. The more built-in shock absorption, the better.  

Color/design options: Some smartphone case brands only offer a few color choices for each model, but a variety of fashion-forward companies add blended colors, textured designs, and customized skins to the mix. 

Environmental impact: We humans can always tread lighter when it comes to our collective effect on the environment, and if future-proofing planet Earth is on your to-do list, look for Pixel 7a cases with various green initiatives; many brands use recycled plastics to get the job done, and every little bit helps.

How we pick the best Google Pixel 7a cases

We curated this list of the best Google Pixel 7a cases based on word-of-mouth and customer reviews, along with good ol’ fashioned internet research. In some instances, we may call in cases for additional hands-on testing. When evaluating each model, we consider color choices, overall protection, and special features. Because phone cases are largely a personal choice, we also strive to include a variety of styles to fit different tastes and budgets.

Are Pixel 7 cases compatible with the Pixel 7a?

A Pixel 7a won't fit properly in a Pixel 7 case, as there's a small but significant difference in the phone's design and overall size. Stick with cases labelled as being designed for the Pixel 7a.

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