iPhone 15 Pro rumored release date, price, specs, design and cameras

iPhone 15 Pro render showing cameras and display
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iPhone 15 Pro Rumors: Cheat Sheet

  • All iPhone 15 models are likely to ditch the Lightning port in favor of USB-C.
  • The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are both tipped for a strong and lighter titanium design.
  • Action button is expected to replace mute switch and perform all sorts of shortcuts.
  • Apple's A17 Bionic chip promises more speed and better efficiency.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max rumored for exclusive periscope zoom lens. 

The iPhone 15 Pro will launch at the 'Wonderlust' September 12 event, and we should see some serious upgrades. In fact, the new iPhone 15 Pro could be the biggest leap forward since the iPhone X

And that's because of all the changes reportedly in store for the iPhone 15 Pro and new iPhone 15 Pro Max. We're talking about a new titanium design with thinner bezels, the addition of USB-C, new camera sensors, and the world's first 3nm chip. 

Other rumored iPhone 15 Pro upgrades include a new action button that could replace the ringer switch, letting you perform all sorts of shortcuts. And the iPhone 15 Pro Max/iPhone 15 Ultra is tipped to feature a powerful new periscope zoom. 

If you want the full details, we've compiled what to expect from the new iPhone 15 Pro. If you want to read about the iPhone 15, we have a roundup of those rumors, too.

iPhone 15 Pro release date rumors

The iPhone 15 Pro will launch at the Apple event officially going to be held on September 12. Invites have been sent out, which is referred to Apple as 'Wonderlust.' The event is scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET.

Based on the latest rumors and reports, we expect the iPhone 15 Pro release date to be September 22, with iPhone 15 preorders starting on September 15. There are rumors of delays for some models, but fortunately the iPhone 15 Pro seems not to be affected by these rumored hold-ups.

iPhone 15 Pro price rumors

Latest iPhone 15 Pro news (updated Sept 5)

A video showing the iPhone 15 Pro's color options has appeared. The iPhone 15 Pro shouldn't be delayed, but the Pro Max might be. If you want your new iPhone to play well with a Vision Pro headset, you may want to wait for the iPhone 16 Ultra. Our iPhone 15 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max preview breaks down all the expected upgrades. A new iPhone 16 leak may make you want to skip the iPhone 15.

We'd expect the iPhone 15 Pro to at least follow the pricing of the $999 iPhone 14 Pro.  But a $100 price hike has been tipped for the iPhone 15 Pro. That rumor was originally posted on Chinese site Weibo, but analyst Jeff Pu has since suggested that iPhone 15 Pro prices could go up, given the number of improvements Apple is reportedly adding to this year's models. At least it's not in the same boat as the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra though, which could increase by $200.

Note: Both the name iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Ultra have been tipped for the model above the iPhone 15 Pro in Apple's 2023 line-up. These names will be used interchangeably throughout this rumor hub.

If a $100 increase happens, it would mean a base iPhone 15 Pro would top the $1,000 mark. That could sting consumers, especially when the cost of living is high, so Apple will have to make the case that a more expensive iPhone 15 Pro is worth it. Additionally, Bloomberg's unnamed source also claims a price increase is in store for the iPhone 15 Pro, as do sources speaking to DigiTimes.

A different source says the iPhone 15 Pro could cost up to 20% more, at least for Apple to produce it, while another says the $100 increase could be more like a $200 increase. Either would mean a huge jump in price for consumers to swallow, so hopefully Apple eats some of the increased production cost itself.

Regardless of how much the iPhone 15 Pro costs, this might be the right time to sell your old iPhone. Price comparison site SellCell pegs between August 19 and August 26 as the time to sell your iPhone. If you miss this window you could lose as much as 65% of the resale value.

iPhone 15 Pro design and display rumors

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claimed all iPhone 15 models will get the Dynamic Island. This could see more developers become motivated to make apps that adapt to the morphing camera cutout/display feature, and thus further add to its capabilities. It may well be a new type of Dynamic Island too, as Apple's rearranging some of the sensors inside, leaks say. 

There's no reason to believe that Apple will change the screen size or underlying OLED tech for the iPhone 15 Pro. The 6.1-inch form factor has withstood the test of time, and is a favorite among many (including some Tom's Guide staff). And the always-on display is more than likely to stay, as is the ProMotion-enabled adaptive refresh rate. Don't expect an update to a new display technology, such as microLED, for another few years yet.

A render of the iPhone 15 Pro side buttons

(Image credit: Hong Yang Technology / Douyin)

Apple might return to rounded edges for the iPhone 15 Pro, which are more ergonomic, especially when combined with the weight of modern iPhones. This rumor was given more weight by supposedly leaked images of the front glass panels of the iPhone 15 range, which show how the sides of the screen on each model could be gently curved. Alleged iPhone 15 dummy units also show off rounded edges for the new phones, including the iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 dummy units

(Image credit: MacRumors / YouTube)

The bezels surrounding the display on the iPhone 15 Pro could get slimmed down, too. This should be a welcome facelift, especially if  the iPhone 15 Pro ends up with 1.55mm bezels, in comparison to the 2.1mm bezels on the current iPhone 14 Pro.

As for other iPhone 15 Pro design changes the chassis might be made of titanium, a long-rumored feature for iPhones. This could lead to a stronger yet lighter Pro iPhone, which we think would be an excellent upgrade. Some people are calculating that a titanium iPhone 15 Pro would weigh 6.74 ounces, which is just over a half-an-ounce lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro.

The interior may also get an iPhone 14-inspired redesign, which includes a removable back glass plate. This new design would make repairs easier, allowing technicians to open the phone from the front and back.

iPhone 15 Pro renders

(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

If you're curious as to how all these changes could look, take a glance at this leaked video of an iPhone 15 Pro mold, which shows roughly how it all fits together.

As for color options, the iPhone 15 Pro could be offered in dark blue, Space Black, silver and a new Titan Gray, which can all be seen in a newly leaked video. Sadly there won't be a gold option this year by the sounds of it.

iPhone 15 Pro colors via Sonny Dickson

(Image credit: Sonny Dickson/Twitter)

iPhone 15 Pro dummy units reveal the Pro models in black, gray, white and blue options. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirms those four colors will be the choices for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Pro and new Action button

iPhone 15 Pro CAD with Action button

(Image credit: 9to5 Mac)

One of the boldest changes rumored for the iPhone 15 Pro is that Apple will remove the longtime mute switch and replace it with a solid state Action button similar to the one found in the Apple Watch Ultra. Not only could it perform the usual function of the mute switch, but rumors suggest it could be programmed to execute a string of commands with the help of iOS' Shortcuts app.

This is purportedly backed up by iPhone 15 Pro CAD renders and alleged case photos, but also looking at code for iOS 17.  The iOS 17 beta 7 also suggests that there will be haptic feedback involved when activating or deactivating silent mode using the action button. 

These same renders show a slightly larger camera bump for the iPhone 15 Pro Max vs iPhone 15 Pro, owing to an exclusive periscope zoom camera for the Pro Max. 

It's also rumored that Apple may ditch the SIM card try outside the U.S., forcing iPhone users in other countries to adopt the eSIM feature that's been around for many years.

iPhone 15 Pro and USB-C

USB-C and Lightning charging cables for phone on black background

(Image credit: Ivan Shenets | Shutterstock)

Many, including us, expect 2023 to be the year that Apple finally retires the Lightning port on the iPhone, going with USB-C instead as mandated by the European Union and enforceable from December 2024

An alleged iPhone 15 photo shows a handset with a USB-C port in it. If this feature's coming to the basic iPhone for this year, then it stands to reason that the Pro models will get it too.

An alleged photo of an iPhone 15, showing its USB-C port

(Image credit: Unknownz21)

The Pro iPhones will reportedly get faster data transfer speeds from their USB-C connectors, while the regular versions would be stuck at the same speed as Lightning, which is equivalent to the ancient USB 2.0 standard. One report suggests that some iPhones will offer Thunderbolt connectivity through the USB-C port, which seems like a feature Apple will limit to the iPhone 15 Pro models.

Then again, another rumor says that Apple is planning to restrict some USB-C functions like transfer speed, reserving that only for accessories it approves, an extension of the current Made for iPhone program Apple runs for Lightning accessories. We may have even seen the chip that will control this on the iPhone 15 Plus' USB-C board itself

With USB-C, Apple could open up a new route to faster charging, which is one of the things we want the iPhone 15 range to fix when held up against the current iPhone.  And luckily, one source claims we'll be getting a bump from 20W (technically 27W with other chargers) to 35W with the iPhone 15 Pro.

Qi2 wireless charging support may be on the cards as well, with a rumor claiming it could be available at 15W charging speeds — the same as MagSafe's current limit. This was later corroborated by another rumor, claiming all third party wireless chargers could offer 15W speeds on iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro cameras

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max rank as some of the best camera phones you can buy, partially thanks to the new 48MP main sensor. It can take some great shots, and even use the full 48 megapixels in RAW photos

iPhone 14 Pro

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

One of the things we have heard is that Apple will use Sony's new "state-of-the-art" sensor for the iPhone 15, potentially a new model that's almost an inch across, and/or uses a "triple-stacked" design which should make for brighter and more colorful photos.

However, another leaker claims this larger sensor is being reserved for the iPhone 16 Pro series. If true it means the iPhone 15 Pro lineup may be stuck with the same sensors as last year.

It would also potentially improve the iPhone 15 Pro's over- and under-exposure compensation, a change we'd love as the iPhone 14 Pro struggles a bit with exposure control in challenging scenes. But it's possible that this new camera will only come to the Pro Max version, which would create an annoying two-tier arrangement with the Pro models that Apple tends to avoid doing.

We've heard about a periscope telephoto lens in an iPhone for a while now, and 2023 might be the year it happens. However, it might be reserved for the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year. We suspect that Apple will keep the same 3x optical zoom range for the iPhone 15 Pro, while the 15 Pro Max will get a longer 6x one.

The Twitter leaker Unknownz21 claims that the iPhone 15 Pro series will be getting a new camera arrangement that changes the positions of the ultrawide and telephoto lenses. This move is apparently being made to accommodate the new periscope zoom, even though it will likely be a Pro Max exclusive. 

One upgrade could be on the way for the iPhone 15 Pro's LiDAR sensor too. Apple's apparently moving suppliers for the AR/portrait mode auxiliary sensor, which will apparently mean enhanced efficiency or better performance for those specific camera modes. This seemingly won't be big enough of an upgrade for capturing spatial images and video for the Apple Vision Pro though, as this is something Apple may be saving for the iPhone 16 Ultra.

iPhone 15 Pro specs and performance

iPhone 15 Pro specs and performance

iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Even before the iPhone 14's launch, analysts were predicting Apple would use different processors for its various phones going forward, which is exactly what happened. That means the iPhone 15 Pro is likely to get a new chipset when it launches.

This has seemingly been corroborated by code found in the tvOS beta, which has added four new phones — iPhone 15,4, iPhone 15,5, iPhone 16,1 and iPhone 16,2. 15 is the number previously given to phones running the A16 Bionic, while iPhone 16 will no doubt be those running the A17 Bionic.

It's safe to assume that this will be the A17 Bionic, while the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus would keep the older A16 Bionic chipset. 

The A17 Bionic is rumored to be manufactured using a 3nm process, which would theoretically improve both performance and power efficiency. In fact, TSMC —which makes Apple's silicon and has begun mass production on its new 3nm chip — predicts a 35% improvement to power efficiency with the 3nm process. Plus, Apple could have the exclusive use of TSMC's 3nm manufacturing for a whole year, giving it a big head start over rivals wanting to use the same tech.

A rumor from leaker URedditor claims that the A17 Bionic chip will have 6 CPU and GPU cores, giving it a slight edge over the A16 Bionic's 5 GPU cores. The chip will also have a maximum clock speed of 3.70 GHz (up from 3.46GHz) and the same 6GB of RAM as before.

However the same source followed that claim up with another: that Apple's tested 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM iPhone 15 Pro models. It could end up picking just one RAM spec to go with, but it may also offer different capacities depending on how much storage a specific model offers.

Allegedly leaked benchmarks for the iPhone 15 Pro show off how much faster the A17 Bionic chip could be over its predecessor as well as the chipsets of the best Android phones.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
iPhone 15 Pro benchmarking scores (rumored)
Row 0 - Cell 0 Geekbench 6 (single-core)Geekbench 6 (multi-core)
Apple A17 Bionic (alleged)3,2697,666
Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy (alleged)2,2336,661
Apple A16 Bionic2,5146,361
Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy1,8674,949

Yet another TrendForce report claims that Apple plans to bump the capacity and specification of the iPhone 15's RAM. For the Pro models, that could equal 8GB total. For the iPhone 15, that might mean LPDDR5.

A different chip we should be paying attention to when the iPhone 15 Pro's announced is the ultrawide-band (UWB) chip that enables advanced tracking features. It's rumored to be getting an upgrade, which should translate to more power efficiency or greater performance.

Due to the expected camera upgrades that the phone is rumored to receive, Apple could come out with a 2TB version of the iPhone 15 Pro, which would be the most storage in an iPhone ever. Increasing the storage makes sense, given the amount of space needed for RAW files, 4K video, and super slow motion videos.

iPhone 15 Pro battery life and charging

The one rumor we've heard on iPhone 15 Pro battery sizes is that they'll be increasing, alongside all the other iPhone 15 models compared to the equivalent iPhone 14. New stacked cells could help Apple achieve this, as they're denser than current batteries, allowing more power to be stored in the same footprint.

Even without bigger batteries, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max should last longer on a charge, thanks to the rumored new 3nm A17 Bionic chip. Plus, there's a report from Economic Daily News that claims that Apple will use a more efficient display driver chip via a 28nm chip (down from 40nm). 

As for charging, we may see the iPhone 15 Pro move from 20W charging to 27W wired speeds, which while slow by other smartphone standards, would still be quicker than any previous iPhone. Good news for anyone who's been waiting desperately for their iPhone to fill up after forgetting to charge it overnight.  

iPhone 15 Pro software

iPhone 15 Pro software

When the iPhone 15 Pro arrives, it's all but certain to be running iOS 17, a new version of Apple's iPhone software. It's currently in beta, but we've already tried a bunch of its new features such as StandBy mode, Live Voicemail, Check In and NameDrop.

There's no sign of iPhone 15-specific software upgrades, but rumors about Apple's software tend to be some of the rarest around. We'll likely have to wait until the launch event to see if the iPhone 15 Pro gets a software tool or enhancement that other iOS 17-compatible iPhones don't.

iPhone 15 Pro outlook

iPhone 15 Pro outlook

We've not got long left to wait for the iPhone 15 Pro if it turns up at Apple's September launch event. We'll be excited to see what it's capable of though, since upgrades to its chipset, charging port, materials and cameras sound like it'll be a big step forward from the already capable iPhone 14 Pro.

Our biggest fear however is that these improvements get overshadowed by a price increase. Pro iPhones are already some of the most expensive devices on the market, so upping the asking price even further could put off users who would otherwise want to upgrade. Apple needs to tread very carefully here.

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